SISTRIX Toolbox dashboards can save you time, improve your workflow, and reduce the possibility that you miss an important event. By monitoring your customer or competitor, single domain monitoring can also alert you to threats and opportunities.

How to create a Dashboard

Dashboards are created by adding an element to a new dashboard. For example, by adding the Domain Overview box. Use the cogwheel on the top-right of sections in the Toolbox to add them to a dashboard and select “Create New Dashboard”.

Use this method to add all the elements you want into one or different dashboards.

Dashboard Overview

To see all your dashboards hover the mouse on the icon near your picture profile, on the top right corner of the screen.

There you’ll be able to open the dashboards you previously created, see how many you have left and buy more slots.

Dashboard Setup

General Options

In the white bar, located between the Toolbox navigation menu and the dashboard elements, you’ll find general settings for the whole page, in particular:

  • Change Dashboard: click on the arrow to select a different dashboard you created.
  • Options: in the option menu you’ll be able to rename or delete the dashboard you’re in.
  • Export: export the dashboard. Read more about exports and credits here.

Editing a Dashboard

Every element in a dashboard will be updated exactly as it were in the Toolbox. To change the order of the elements, just drag and drop them within the dashboard.


If you want to deepen your analysis, you can click on the button “Change to domain” to go directly to the corresponding domain 1 . The two buttons on the right allow you to set up the options of that specific element (for example, rename it or change its time range) or delete it 2 . The buttons appear when you hover the mouse over the box.

Video demo with closed captions