Projects Startpage

The “Projects” overview page lets you create new Optimizer projects or to jump back into an existing project. This part of the Toolbox is extremely useful to check if your website has specific On-page issues and to monitor an individual keyword set.

Note: This page is part of the new header menu of the Toolbox. If you don’t see it yet, you can activate it in the SISTRIX Labs. To read the handbook of the Optimizer Module Start page, click here instead.

Your Optimizer Projects

Example of Optimizer projects

Here you’ll find the list of all your projects , shared projects as well as the remaining project slots.

Click on the green button “Create project” to start a new analysis or select a project you’ve already created to see fresh data.

If another user shared a project with you, it will be listed below.

Learn more about the individual features of an Optimizer project here.

One-Time Page Checks

This feature allows you to immediately crawl a domain for on-page issues. This does not create a project and is a one-time activity.

You can only run a single one-time Onpage evaluation at any time, but there is no limit to the number of one-time projects you can create. Each crawl will be saved for 14 days.

Learn more here.


Statistics of the SISTRIX Optimizer

At the bottom of the page you’ll find more details about your Optimizer projects, in particular:

  • The total amount of keyword queries used.
  • The total amount of requests.
  • The number of keywords and pages crawled in all projects.
  • The users who have access to one or more projects.

Click on “Breakdown by project” to see more details about the keyword queries used in the different projects, or on the number of crawl quota to change the amount of request for every project.

Video overview with closed captions