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TrendWatch Feb 2023
As the UK’s days extend, slowly, the market trends are also moving from one season to the other. Here are ten search terms that have grown in popularity, along with the story behind them. This month we look at a couple of cosmetic products, a dark winter day, gambling, football […]
TrendWatch Jan 2023
Here’s the back story to ten search terms that have grown in popularity recently. This month we look at a waxed jacket brand, a fringe tech at tipping-point, home-frothing trends, a refresh of an 80’s trend and an array of fashion and health items for you. Trends are curated from […]
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TrendWatch December 2022
From thousands of keyword search trends, here’s the back story to search terms that have grown in popularity. From food to brands and products, a danish word you might not be able to pronounce, a few fashion items and my trend of the year! No prizes for guessing the product […]
TrendWatch October 2022
In the 10th in our series of UK keyword trend analyses we’ve got health, entertainment and fashion. These trends have been curated and researched from thousands that were highlighted by the data engines at SISTRIX. The full 10-trend publication is only available in the newsletter version of this report.
TrendWatch September 2022
In this, the 9th in our series of keyword trends, I’ve got the usual detailed analysis for you along with an additional bonus from the retail sector.
TrendWatch August 2022
This month’s trends include an online study support for kids, a chat website and a digital stopwatch.
TrendWatch July 2022
This month’s trends include a kids’ TV show and a brand that produces clothing and gear for outdoor sports.
TrendWatch June 2022
The trends this month include a scary game character, people looking to avoid paying for Facebook data usage, fashion topics and a trending music track.
TrendWatch May 2022
TrendWatch for May 2022 includes, as usual, 10 long-term, interesting trends. The trends this month include gambling and adult entertainment, balanced-out by a fluffy toy and some light humour.
TrendWatch – Ten Questions Answered (Video)
TrendWatch author, Nicole Scott, joined Lily Ray in the Studio to discuss trend content. What is trend content, how can you find it and how difficult is it? We hope you enjoy the video.
TrendWatch March 2022
In TrendWatch 03/22 we tackle an animal that’s actually a hairstyle, a brand that nobody would have predicted to trend, and more. The full 10-trend publication is only available in the newsletter.
TrendWatch Feb 2022
February is heavy on cultural trends, with a YouTube star, slang, a few culinary trends and we even take a look at the darker side of Instagram.10 new search trends for Feb 2022.
TrendWatch January 2022
In this Trendwatch: Rockstars of a mathematical nature, a virus that’s got nothing to do with Corona, a cocktail, lost phones and more. 10 new search trends for January 2022.
TrendWatch December 2021
In this Trendwatch: The cute Axolotl Minecraft creature, a tasty Meatloaf Recipe topic, non-fungible word of the year and 7 more long-term keyword growth stories from our data.

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