TrendWatch May 2024

This month’s edition of TrendWatch focuses on women’s sports, food prep services and online gift cards for the popular game Fortnite. Join us in discovering more about the background of these topics and why they are currently on the rise.


Graph with increasing search volume for "Adanola".
Trend graph for “Adanola” (UK)

Adanola is a British athleisure brand that has become a staple of A-listers’ wardrobes. Known for its celebrity-approved gym and loungewear, Adanola offers comfortable yet stylish pieces that can be worn in and out of the gym.

Their celebrity endorsements are a big reason for the brands’ success including names like Kaia Gerber and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Because of the star power behind Adanola has reported a significant increase in sales, with an average of 45 sweatshirts sold per hour, indicating a strong market demand.

The second increase can be linked to their recent launch in Harrods, which caused a 311% increase in gross sales year-on-year. One of the tricks to keeping interest high and a constant stream of searching is product scarcity. Adanola’s strategy of small production runs and product waiting lists creates a sense of scarcity, driving customer interest and sales.

With sales soaring higher than the A-listers who endorse them, Adanola has become the go-to choice for those who want to sweat in style. It’s like they’ve turned the treadmill into a red carpet, with every step dripping in glamour.

WSL Fixtures

Graph showing strong increase in search volume for "WSL Fixtures".
Trend graph for “WSL Fixtures” (UK)

Women’s sports are finally getting the recognition they deserve, and the Women’s Super League (WSL) is no exception. With a significant increase in media coverage, Sky Sports reported that 21% of UK adults have devoted more time to women’s sports in the past 18 months, with 68% citing the enhanced coverage and quality as a major factor. Sky Sports recently sealed an £8 million deal per season for broadcast rights, enabling them to broadcast up to 44 live games, while the BBC airs one live game per round.

In-person attendance has also seen a remarkable surge, nearly tripling from the previous season. In the 2021/22 season, the average attendance was 1,944, compared to 5,444 this season. Arsenal set a new WSL attendance record by selling over 53,000 tickets during a North London derby against Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium.

Women are now playing in more prestigious venues like the Emirates Stadium, capable of handling over 53,000 fans. Arsenal Women notably played at the Emirates Stadium for important fixtures, while Manchester United also drew a crowd of 40,604 spectators during their visit.

England’s triumph at the 2022 Euros, held on home soil, has generated significant excitement and momentum for women’s football. Playing major matches in men’s stadiums has highlighted the demand for women’s football, sparking a public debate to address imbalances in funding and prize money compared to the Premier League.

As the WSL steps into the spotlight, it’s not just scoring goals; it’s rewriting the playbook on what it means to be a powerhouse in sports. It’s like watching a team of underdogs become champions, one game-changing moment at a time.

Zombie Knife

Graph showing large spike in searches for "Zombie Knife".
Trend graph for “Zombie Knife” (UK)

The term “zombie knife” is a term that has leapt straight from the movie set onto our streets. These knives have exaggerated features that are straight out of a horror film.

People are searching because the UK government is looking to ban zombie-style knives, marking the third crackdown on these weapons in seven years. They aim to address loopholes by defining the knives based on their physical characteristics rather than relying on violent imagery or wording.

Knife-related crime in the UK has surged by 76% over the past decade, with a significant number of fatalities attributed to knife attacks. High-profile cases and advocacy efforts, including campaigns led by actor Idris Elba, have shed light on the dangers posed by zombie knives, advocating for comprehensive bans to enhance public safety.

Zombies have been firmly a part of the cultural ether for decades. Despite being marketed as collectables, concerns have arisen regarding their association with gang-related activities and violence, underscoring the need for closer scrutiny and regulation.

Who knew the biggest threat from zombies wouldn’t be the Walking Dead, but their kitchenware?