TrendWatch August 2023

Join us on another adventure through the ever-changing world of digital trends. From Ice Spice’s TikTok stardom to the bizarre allure of “Fun with Feet,” we’re here to uncover the unexpected and intriguing phenomena shaping our digital landscape.

Ice Spice

Trend graph for “Ice Spice” (US)

Bronx rapper Ice Spice has spiced up TikTok with her catchy tracks and bold attitude. The 23-year-old first went viral in 2021 through dance challenges, then kept the momentum going by using TikTok to promote singles like ‘Munch’ and ‘Bully Freestyle.’ Her songs blew up across the platform, racking up millions of views. Ice Spice’s unapologetic lyrics and style resonate with Gen Z TikTok users, making her tracks perfect for memes, dances, and other trends. Even her collaborations with major artists like Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj use TikTok to drive more interest. Ice Spice understands the power of TikTok to propel music virality better than most. Thanks to her viral moments and hype on the app, the rapper has become a highly engaged, community-driven artist within TikTok’s hyperactive culture.

iPhone 15

Trend graph for “iPhone 15″ (US)

300,000 search volume in july 2023 – iPhone 14 had 237,000 in July 2022. However, the overall trend for the search term iPhone launch has been declining YOY for the last 4 years. We’ll revisit this in October when we run the numbers for September to compare the launch data. 

Are consumers tiring of new iPhones. Our data shows mixed signals, “iPhone 15” hit over 300,000 searches in July 2023, exceeding the 237,000 searches for “iPhone 14” in July 2022 pre-launch. Even thought there are almost five times as many Americans as Britons they have nearly the same amount of search traffic at around 260,000. 

But if we pull back from the individual handsets to look at the wider trend and look at “iPhone launch” in the UK they have declined year-over-year for 4 consecutive years. This aligns with sentiment that that consumers are experiencing “iPhone fatigue” due to the devices’ incremental upgrades versus major reinventions. While interest in the iPhone 15 is high now, Apple’s predictability means consumers know what to expect, reducing the mystery and excitement of new models. 

Things will get more interesting when we check out the September data when new iPhones debut. Unless Apple introduces some unexpected innovation, searches for “iPhone 15” could follow the same downward trend. For now, the July numbers show rising engagement but yearly declines signal enduring fatigue.


Trend graph for “spreadex” (UK)

Spreadex is a British spread betting company started in 1999. Spread betting is a way for traders to bet on whether financial markets will rise or fall, without actually buying the asset. Spreadex customers bet per point on things like stock prices, currencies, and commodities. If they bet right on the direction the market moves, they win more money. If they bet wrong, they lose money. The more the market moves in the trader’s favor, the bigger the winnings or losses. Spread betting is risky – traders can lose more than they deposited. But profits are tax-free in the UK and Ireland, which attracts gamblers hoping to cash in big on short-term price jumps and dips. With high interest rates sparking economic uncertainty, the risks of spread betting are amplified. However, the volatile markets have likely increased interest from traders betting the prices will continue falling, lured by the prospect of fast profits if their speculation is correct. Before you dive in, just remember – spread betting isn’t exactly spreading joy for everyone who tries it!