TrendWatch December 2022

From thousands of keyword search trends, here’s the back story to search terms that have grown in popularity. From food to brands and products, a danish word you might not be able to pronounce, a few fashion items and my trend of the year! No prizes for guessing the product that is full of hot air. As an extra bonus, there are 10 additional trend tips at the end.

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Trend of the Year – The Air Fryer!

keyword search trend chart

This will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever spent any time cooking with me: the air fryer is the trend of the year! This marketing wonder has taken over my heart – as well as my kitchen – and is the best gift I’ve ever received. Christmas 2021 was a real game changer for me! 

As more and more people, like myself, have been living with their air fryers for a while now, it’s not surprising that word is getting out about how great these gadgets are – meaning that people just keep on searching for them.

Ninja, Tower and Philip appear as search favourites in our Amazon marketplace data but there are new trends emerging the the ‘fryer’ space. Iceland’s very low-cost offer, a 4L product is back. “air fryer iceland” is trending with over 6000 searches per month.

Avocado Benefits

keyword search trend chart

In the UK, avocado toast might be synonymous with £25 breakfasts – but in Australia, avocados are being produced at such a high rate that Australians don’t know what to do with them!

Inflation and widespread flooding have raised the value of many fruit and vegetables in Australia – however, not the avocado. There is now such an oversupply of the green creamy fruit that it is being dubbed an “avo-lanche”. Accordingly, the value of a single avocado has gone down to as little as one Australian dollar (about 55 pence in British currency). Australians are predicted to eat nearly 5kg of avocados per person this year, an astonishing 26 per cent rise from 2021. However, even with this dramatic increase, there are still far too many avocados for a country of 26 million people. Now Australians are desperately searching for markets where they can dump the fruit.

Australia used to primarily export avocados to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong – however, the glut has pressured them to look elsewhere for patrons. Talks with India have been happening and there is even demand on the other side of the world – in the UK! This is clearly visible in the graph, where an increase in search traffic shows that British people can’t wait to snap up Australia’s delicious fruit.


keyword search trend chart

If the word “Hygge” (pronounced “Hue-gah”; rhymes with “cougar”) brings you back to cosy, Scandinavian-esque nights circa 2016…you’d be right. 2016 was the year of Hygge, but like all good trends, it’s come back round again. Now the word seems as irrevocably attached to Denmark as “chic” is to France. Its return may in part be driven by the cost of living crisis – amongst other things, Hygge promises “living the good life on a tight budget”. It is the enjoyment of simple pleasures: creating a comforting atmosphere without needing a fat wallet. 

Some of things you can do to bring Hygge into your life include family dinners, using your bike instead of your car, and – you guessed it – the artful use of candles. Just whatever you do, don’t call it “higgy”, “huggy” – or, worse, “hig”.

Additional keywords analysed this month

Uggs, slow Cooker, jumper, hoka, carcassonne, harrods afternoon tea and 110s. 10 additional trend tips are also included in the newsletter this month.