TrendWatch June 2023

Get ready for an exciting edition of TrendWatch! In this issue, we explore 10 captivating long-term trends, handpicked from a vast array of data by SISTRIX. From AI-based writing tools like Quillbot to the valuable Motability scheme assisting individuals with disabilities, and the innovative baby bottles from MAM, we delve into the unique aspects and implications of each trend.


Trend graph for “Creatine” (UK)

Weight loss has been a pretty consistent theme since the pandemic started, but it seemed a bit strange to me that something that’s been long considered a bodybuilder staple would be trending. But it seems I was behind the curve as new research suggests that creatine is not only beneficial for muscle function but also important for brain function, affecting mood and cognition. Early trials indicate that creatine supplementation may improve stress resilience, depression, and memory, sparking interest in its potential benefits for mental health and cognitive symptoms.

Creatine is naturally found in small amounts in certain foods, primarily in animal sources such as meat and fish. Beef and fish, in particular, are known to be relatively high in creatine content. But the reason why everyone is after supplements is because the concentration of creatine in food is relatively low. 

The red flag that things have really gone mainstream for creatine was when Monster came out with a “Super Creatine” energy drink. Which they ultimately had to pull off the shelves and had to pay $293m for making a false advertising claim.   


Trend graph for “Huel” (UK)

Huel is a popular nutritionally complete meal replacement option that comes in various forms like powders, shakes, bars, and dried meals. It’s designed to provide a convenient and time-saving alternative to regular meals, especially for those on the go or with busy schedules. While not specifically intended for weight loss, it is being marketed as a tool you can use as part of a fat-loss diet. Which might explain it’s growing popularity.

Huel products contain a range of ingredients, including oats, tapioca, flaxseeds, coconut, pea and rice proteins, as well as a comprehensive blend of essential vitamins and minerals. They are also low in sugar and salt, high in fiber, and suitable for vegans. Huel offers options like the Huel Black Edition, which has higher protein content and lower carbohydrates.

Huel seems to be gaining particular ground with people who struggle to cook balanced meals or lack the time for meal preparation. It provides a nutrient-dense alternative to less healthy options. However, it’s important to note that Huel should not be relied upon as the sole source of nutrition in the long term. 

Looking into Huel through the lens of SISTRIX Social I found they have a strong ad campaign presence but as a nice surprise it wasn’t a paid influencer who was at the top, it was one of their investors. Steve Bartlett


Trend graph for “Motability” (UK)

If you’re in the UK and finding it challenging to get around due to a disability or illness, there’s a fantastic benefit that could help you out – the Motability scheme. This program allows individuals with disabilities to use their mobility allowance to lease a brand-new car at a discounted rate. With the recent vehicle supply disruptions caused by the pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine, accessing cars through the Motability scheme became challenging. However, as car availability has been gradually improving, it seems more people are eager to explore the program and discover the new range of cars they can now access.

Very cool program! It’s great to see more individuals finding a solution to their mobility needs.