TrendWatch July 2024

In this month’s edition of TrendWatch we focus on Bally’s Casino, THC Vapes, Marry Me Chicken Pasta and many more interesting trends. Join us in discovering these trends and their backgrounds.

Bally’s Casino

Trend graph showing increased interest in "Bally's Casino".
Trend graph for “Bally’s Casino” (UK)

Bally’s Casino is a well known American gaming brand that dates back to 1932. And it’s entering the UK promoting an “American Gaming Experience” aimed at attracting British players.

Bally’s is drawing on history touting itself as “authentic, pioneering, playful, and passionate” with initiatives focused on generosity, expertise and responsibility. What seems to be drawing people in are the daily free games, a welcome bonus, fast payouts and integrated sports betting all in a single sign-on system.

The welcome offer with 30 free spins after wagering £10 on the slot machine style games seems to be one of the offers driving new user acquisition. 

Bally’s Casino is driving interest from UK players curious about this established American gaming brand. With a promise to deliver the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas straight to British shores, Bally’s is more than just a casino — the American dream of striking it big is now just a spin away!

Euro 2024

Graph showing increased search volume for "Euro 2024"
Trend graph for “Euro 2024” (UK)

The Euro Cup is an undeniable social spectacle, bringing together fans in pubs, fan zones, block parties and homes to watch the matches. Regardless of which team you support, the entire country unites in a wave of national pride.

England’s journey to the Euro 2020 finals has significantly heightened the anticipation for this quadrennial event. In the month leading up to the tournament, we’re seeing over 200,000 searches and several variations of the England Euro Kit were trending, with fans eager to don the jerseys and show their support.

Even for those indifferent to football, the lively atmosphere on the streets of Europe is palpable. Makeshift cinemas have sprung up on street corners, creating a vibrant and communal celebration that transcends the sport itself. 

Whooping Cough

Graph showing increased search volume for "Whooping Cough" since the beginning of 2024.
Trend graph for “Whooping Cough” (UK)

Illnesses that I might associate with medieval times are making a troubling comeback. Whooping cough is having a resurgence across the UK and Europe, largely due to events transpiring from the COVID-19 pandemic. In England, the vaccination rate for the pertussis vaccine among pregnant women plummeted from over 70 percent in 2017 to just 58 percent in 2023. This decline has directly contributed to the disease’s resurgence.

Croatia, for instance, reported 6,261 cases in just the first two and a half months of 2024, making it a current hotspot. Teenagers aged 15 to 19 are the most affected, yet the disease poses the greatest risk to infants under three months, who have seen an increase in fatalities.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) attributes the rise in whooping cough cases to the lower vaccination rates during the pandemic. This issue is further compounded by the spread of misinformation by anti-vaccination groups, which has fueled vaccine hesitancy. This hesitancy has not only impacted whooping cough but also diseases like measles, underlining the broader public health challenges Europe faces post-pandemic.

Efforts are underway to combat these challenges, but overcoming vaccine hesitancy remains a significant hurdle.