TrendWatch January 2024

We’re back for a new year of new search trends with the 23rd issue of TrendWatch! This month we get scientific with superconductors, dive into stuffed animal trends and learn what a pookie is. Join us as we explore 10 unique trends.


Trend graph for “LK-99" (UK)
Trend graph for “LK-99″ (UK)

Superconductivity, the enchanting absence of electrical resistance in certain materials at ultra-low temperatures, fuels magnetic levitation for futuristic transportation, empowers high-resolution medical imaging, and promises energy transmission breakthroughs by eliminating power losses.

Since the discovery of superconductivity in 1911, the scientific community has been on a quest to find materials that exhibit these properties at room temperature. 2023 seemed to be the year where there might have been a breakthrough with a discovery. 

LK-99 consists of copper, lead, phosphorus, and oxygen, and garnered significant attention because it claimed it could function as a superconductor at room temperature and standard atmospheric pressure. Early observations suggested low electrical resistance and some level of levitation when exposed to a magnetic field, which got everyone excited about its potential. 

But research by scientists around the world couldn’t replicate these promising results. It became clear that LK-99 didn’t exhibit superconducting properties. It was uncovered that impurities, especially in the copper sulfide, were behind the initial results.

Until then, we’ll continue hoping for the Cinderella moment when superconductors finally swap their icy glass slippers for comfy room-temperature sneakers, bringing an end to this chilly quest for electrical utopia.

Pookie Meaning

Trend graph for “pookie meaning" (UK)
Trend graph for “pookie meaning” (UK)

Pookie experienced a resurgence. Gen Z users of the platform began using it to refer to their favourite celebrities, and fictional characters, or playfully among friends. For instance, popular TikToker Jay R Scottyy often finds himself affectionately dubbed “Pookie” by his ardent followers.

Rhyme Without Reason

Trend graph for “rhyme without reason" (US)
Trend graph for “rhyme without reason” (US)

What kicked off as a Halloween bash has blossomed into a year-round rhyme-without-reason phenomenon. It’s a whirlwind of costume creativity, where couples and friends pair up in outfits that rhyme but share little else. Cat and bat, referee and bumblebee – you catch the drift!

Embarking on your own rhyme-without-reason costume adventure is as easy as picking an attire you fancy and then seeking out a rhyme to forge an epic pair. Consider the dynamic duo of Chucky and ducky or venture into the whimsical realm of fairy and dairy, fairy and berry, or even fairy and Black Canary. Not to be missed are standout choices like costumes that rhyme with “Rock Star,” featuring Jafar, Race Car, and Mason Jar, or those that sing in harmony with “Butterfly,” including Pumpkin Pie, Private Eye, and FBI.

For those grappling with the elusive perfect rhyme, fear not! The wonders of online rhyming dictionaries stand ready to aid your quest for costume brilliance.