Keyword Research

Check Keyword Overlaps With the Competition

When analysing the competition, it is always helpful to get a feel for how strongly a certain competitor ranks for your own keyword set.

Efficient, Accurate Keyword Research and Content Planning with SISTRIX Data and Tools

A casual approach to keyword research can lead to the wrong content. Content needs to be developed from a well-researched and filtered keyword set, and combined in a way that leads to trust from Google. Here’s an overview of the a quick and efficient process, data and tools using SISTRIX.

How to Use Search Intent to Create the Best Content for your Users

Search intent helps you understand what users really want when they are searching in Google. With this knowledge you can create better content suitable for your target audience and improve your search result rankings.

Filter and refine ranking keywords with meaningful filters

To analyse the keyword data of a domain more precisely, SISTRIX offers you a number of predefined filters as well as the possibility of creating individual filters according to your needs.

Identify and Analyse Ranking Changes

Keyword ranking changes will quickly and easily show you how a domain’s keywords have changed between two points in time – for better or worse. Work on your rankings and improve your Visibility Index.

How to Analyse Keyword and URL Cannibalisation

Keyword and URL cannibalisation describes the often negative effects when two or more pieces of content from the same domain rank on the same Google results page.

Finding Keyword Ideas with SISTRIX

SISTRIX offers various ways to find new keywords. The Keyword Ideas analysis, the Keyword Groups and the Google Knowledge Graph will help you quickly find new keywords. These can then form a basis for your Keyword Research.

Keyword Overview – All Information at a Glance

Keywords, which are the search terms entered into Google, are the key factor for successful SEO. The Keyword Overview in SISTRIX allows you to see all relevant keyword data at a glance.

How to use Regular Expressions in the Toolbox

In this tutorial we explain how to use regular expressions so that you can apply their advantages in the SISTRIX Toolbox. For example: filtering URL, snippet or keyword tables.

Analyse Competitor and SERP-distribution with Toolbox Lists

Google moved-on from delivering search results based on single search terms after the Hummingbird Update. They now use semantic relationships, which is why the Toolbox List functions can help you.