keyword research

Find Ranking Opportunities with the SISTRIX Toolbox

What keywords could your URLs rank for on page 1 of the search results? By analysing easy-win opportunities you’ll be able to focus effort into enhancing content and improving rankings into the top 10. The one-click Opportunities feature in the Toolbox will also uncover new keywords that your competitors rank […]

How to Use Keyword Groups to Help your Keyword Research

The SISTRIX Toolbox will classify and sort all keywords for a domain into useful groups, in order to give you a quick and easy overview of the topics covered in a website. Use this feature to identify strong keyword groups that your competitors are ranking for, to analyse your main […]

How to use Regular Expressions in the Toolbox

In this tutorial we explain how to use regular expressions so that you can apply their advantages in the SISTRIX Toolbox. For example: filtering URL, snippet or keyword tables.

Analyse Competitor and SERP-distribution with Toolbox Lists

Google moved-on from delivering search results based on single search terms after the Hummingbird Update. They now use semantic relationships, which is why the Toolbox List functions can help you.