A+ Content: Detailed Product Descriptions on Amazon

Convincing product descriptions are one of the most important tools for every Amazon vendor. With A+ content, you can add value to your product detail page and create clear incentives to buy. We explain how A+ content works and what it means for Amazon SEO.

When visitors scroll down a product detail page on Amazon, they increasingly find well-written, descriptive passages of text, images, videos, and comparison tables that go beyond the usual 2,000-character product description and present the product or brand like a glossy brochure.

This Amazon A+ Content is an additional function on Amazon Vendor and Amazon Seller, and it is available with ready-made templates and modules in two different versions:

  • A+ Standard Content: formerly Enhanced Brand Content (Amazon EBC). It offers five free modules for sellers and vendors after successful brand registration and various text-image combinations.
  • A+ Premium Content: this includes videos, carousels, comparison tables and other modules. It costs money and it is only available for Amazon Vendor. It offers seven different modules.

What is the importance of A+ Content for sales success?

Amazon A+ Content is an important part of Amazon SEO, but it is not indexed by Amazon’s algorithm; rather, it is indexed by Google. A+ content can therefore bring more external traffic to your product page if you implement the usual Google SEO mechanisms.

On the online platform itself, A+ content is primarily about convincing buyers to add your product to the shopping cart and click “buy”. This increases your conversion rates, which in turn are crucial for your rankings in the search results. Amazon A+ content should:

  • Present in detail products that require explanation and are expensive,
  • Create an emotional connection to a product or brand,
  • Compare your product to similar brands,
  • Increase trust in the supplier and their product offering,
  • Differentiate the product from the competition.

A+ content is usually your last chance to persuade a buyer to make a purchase: in order to view the A+ content, you have to scroll down the page. This only happens if you arouse interest with your product specifications, price and images, but have not quite convinced your potential customer to make a purchase.

For this reason alone, it is worth planning the structure and content of the A+ module like a landing page that will interest the user in your offer. The second reason is that Google accesses the A+ content and proceeds according to the usual mechanisms of on-page optimisation for websites.

How can I create A+ Content?

To gain access to the function and the modules and templates, you must register with Amazon as a brand owner. As an Amazon Vendor, you automatically have access to the free standard content variant and can activate the premium version for an additional fee. As a registered Amazon Seller, you can only use the standard version.

Before you start creating content on Amazon Seller Central, you should familiarise yourself with the comprehensive Amazon guidelines for A+ content for the country you are selling in. The online giant has no mercy when it comes to violations and can block products very quickly.

Then you proceed with the usual on-page optimisation and begin the process of creating content with keyword research and analysis, in addition to collecting information on user intent and meaningful content.


If you want to be successful on the retail giant Amazon, you have to stand out from the endless flood of product offers and convince buyers right away. Amazon A+ content is one of the most effective means of persuading prospective customers.

Steve Paine