Amazon Bundle: Advantages and Requirements

Combining several products into a one offering on Amazon has multiple advantages. Increasing average basket value, brand awareness and special offers are just two. There are requirements though, here’s a quick guide. to Amazon product bundles.

What is an Amazon Bundle?

Sellers can combine several products into a bundle on Amazon. Such bundles will often include a discount. Not only is this convenient for customers; it can also increase the merchant’s sales. Bundles always consist of one main product and several secondary products. Which product you choose as the main component is up to you.

What requirements do vendors have to fulfil?

Vendors have to fulfil some requirements in order to be able to put these bundles together:

  • A bundle must contain a minimum of two products, and it cannot exceed more than five products. Each of these products must have its own Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) and be available separately.
  • The ASINs must belong to a brand that the owner has registered with the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • The products included should match or complement each other.
  • The main product of a bundle must not be from the areas of video games, music or DVDs.
  • Gift cards, digital products (music, videos or e-books) and used goods may not be included in a bundle.
  • Even if you offer the individual goods in several categories, you may only sell the bundle within one category. If there are several options, the category of the main product is usually used. This main item is usually the most expensive item in the bundle.  
  • The number of bundles that you are allowed to sell cannot exceed the lowest available quantity of any contained product. This means that if only 20 pieces of a product are available within a bundle, you may only sell 20 bundles in total, even if another product in the same bundle is available 30 times.
  • Once a bundle has been created, no adjustments can be made. If you want to make changes, you must delete the old bundle and create a new one.

Note: The prices of a bundle can be higher or lower than the sum of all included products. In theory, you can also enter the exact sum of the individual components as the price. Note, however, that the price of the bundle remains the same even if the cost of one or more of the individual components changes. It is the responsibility of the retailer to adjust the bundle prices if necessary – it does not happen automatically.

Example product bundle in Amazon

Advantages of an Amazon Bundle

There’s a lot to consider, but the bundle option also offers numerous benefits:

  • With a bundle, you increase your average order value because you offer several products from your range conveniently and usually at a discount.
  • If you find that your customers often buy certain products together, you make it easier for them to buy by bundling these goods.
  • You save on shipping costs and fees, as well as labour.
  • Customers are able to discover products of your brand that are still unknown to them. The best way to do this is to make your most successful merchandise the main component of your bundle.
  • Customers realise that they can buy many products they need from one retailer. They are less likely to go to the competition for individual purchases.

Amazon Bundles open up new prospects for both merchants and customers. Importantly, it can also increase brand visibility and awareness.

Steve Paine