Amazon Handmade: How it works

Are you always looking for customised gifts? Or are you an artisan yourself and would like to sell your own products? In this article we explain how Amazon Handmade works for crafters, and discuss the costs that you will have to pay.

Amazon Handmade, the online trading platform, now offers everyone who appreciates handmade products their own marketplace.

Amazon Handmade at a glance:

  • Only handmade
  • Individual seller profiles
  • No hidden fees

What is Amazon Handmade?

As the name suggests, Amazon Handmade only offers handmade goods from local artisans: self-made plates, individually sewn clothing or handmade jewellery. So you won’t find industrially manufactured goods here.

How does Amazon Handmade work?

Anyone who wants to sell their own goods on the platform first needs an Amazon seller account. With a special application, you can register as an artisan on Amazon and become part of the handmade community.

To do this, you have to answer a few questions in a form that testifies to your trustworthiness as an artisan.

Once you have been approved as a seller, you can create your Artisan Profile, where you will need to provide the location of your shop, the business name and your credit card details.

A photo of yourself, as well as a description of yourself or a personal story of your craft, will keep you close to your customers despite the anonymity of Amazon.

Become an Amazon Handmade seller in three easy steps

  1. Set up a seller account on Amazon
  2. Submit your application to become an Amazon Handmade seller
  3. Create an artisan profile

Not much changes for the customer: if you are interested in handmade and customised products, log in to your user account as usual and look for Amazon Handmade as a separate product category under the “All categories” tab.

You can now choose from various categories of handmade products – for example, jewellery, household & living, stationery and toys. The ordering process is the same as usual.

Do I pay fees as a seller on Amazon Handmade?

Amazon takes care of the distribution and shipping and retains a 12% sales fee. The minimum fee is 0.30 euros per item. Unlike its competitor, Etsy, this only applies to products that are sold, so there are no hidden basic fees – you only pay if your goods have actually been sold.

And best of all, Amazon usually charges a flat monthly fee of 39 euros for the use of a professional seller account. Handmade sellers are exempt from this.

The most important information for Amazon handmade sellers:

  • 12% sales fee
  • Commission only on goods sold
  • No user fee for the seller account


Amazon Handmade is a great platform for lovers of artisans and handmade goods: the personal touch of your craft is preserved and at the same time you reach a huge potential clientele. Registering as a seller is quite straightforward – above all, you should attach importance to a lovingly and individually designed seller profile.

Amazon receives a commission of 12% on all items sold. There is no basic fee for unsold goods and the standard user fee of 39 euros for Amazon sellers is waived for Handmade sellers.

Here’s the official Amazon Handmade information page at Amazon UK

Steve Paine