How can I find out how many pages of my domain are indexed by Google?

Google provides two simple options to determine the number of indexed pages of your domain. The total number of indexed pages may vary greatly from the total number of pages you actually have live on a domain.

Option #1: the Google site:-query

By using a simple search query with the so-called “site:”-operator and your domain, you can get an approximate number of pages indexed by Google.

In the Google search mask, you would type in the following:

The result of the search request should look as follows: Red marks indicate the number of indexed pages.

Example SERP
Marked in red is the approximate number of indexed pages

If there are many pages in the index, the result of the site:-query can be filtered using different options:

    Only displays the indexed pages in the directory /subdirectory/
  • Phrase of choice
    Only displays those indexed pages which contain the phrase of your choice
  • inurl:phrase
    Only displays those indexed pages which contain the word “phrase” in the URL
  • intitel:phrase
    Only displays those indexed pages which contain the word “phrase” in the title
  • filetype:pdf
    Only displays those indexed files with the chosen filetype (other possible filetypes are: doc, pdf, ps, xls, rtf, swf etc.)

Option #2: Using the Google Search Console

You can easily get an overview of the indexed pages for your domain within the Google Search Console.

In case you are not yet using the Google Search Console, you can activate your website for the free ( in just a few minutes. This enables you to also use the following option to get an overview of the indexing status.

Analysing the indexing status of your website with the Google Search Console:

  • Log into the Google Search Console and select the desired website
  • Click on “Google Index” in the left-hand navigation
  • Click on “Index Status” in the sub-menu

You are now shown the “Index Status” graph for your domain, where you can also add filters to, for example, also show the graph for pages blocked by the robots.txt.

Search Console Index status
Number of indexed pages, as well as pages blocked by the robots.txt in the Google Search Console

The search engine bing also provides their own webmaster tools which also lets you evaluate the number of indexed pages on bing.

Bing webmaster tools screenshot
History of the indexed pages in the bing webmaster tools (

Evaluation with the SISTRIX Toolbox

In the SEO module of the SISTRIX Toolbox you can analyse the history of the indexed pages of a domain in more detail. The graph will show the history of the index figures from Google. We monitor most domains very regularly but to ensure a more regular update of this figure you can add the domain to your Watchlist.

  • Indexed pages history of a domain:
Visibililty index graph
SISTRIX Toolbox SEO module: historic chart of the indexed pages of a domain