How can I quickly get a new page into Google’s index?


Google is already pretty quick when it comes to finding and indexing new pages (URLs). This process may be a little quicker or take a little longer, depending on the “popularity” of the website in question. Any webmaster using the Google Search Console (GSC) can expedite this and therefore manually engage with the indexation process for the website.

In case you are not yet making use of the Google Search Console, you can unlock your website and use it with the Google Search Console ( in just a few minutes. You can then use the following settings to manually index pages on your domain.

"Submit to Index" in the Google Search Console

You can quickly and easily use the Google Search Console to send a URL to Google’s index. This way you can manually bring about the quick indexation of your content. Within the GSC, you can click on "Crawl" and then go to "Fetch as Google" and follow the steps on Google’s help page "Ask Google to re-crawl your URLs"

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