How can I remove a URL on my website from the Google Index?

To remove a specific URL (for example, the page of your own website from Google’s index, there are two options available.

Option #1: Use the robots meta-element with NOINDEX

Add the meta-element robots to the source code of the page which is not supposed to appear in the index and set the value to NOINDEX.

By adding the following, the URL will be removed from the index:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

You have to add the meta-element in the <head> area of the specific page:

Example of the robots meta element in code
line 6: robots meta element with the value NOINDEX in the source code

If the page already has the robots meta-element with the value INDEX, you can simply replace it with NOINDEX.

Done. Now you just have to wait until the desired URL is removed from the Google index.

By using the meta-robots value NOINDEX, the URL will also be removed from the index of Microsoft’s search engine Bing ad other search engines that react to the noindex tag.

Option #2: Use the Google Search Console

Using a setting within the Google Search Console, you are able to easily have a URL removed from the Google index. This is a quick but temporary method. For the permanent removal of a URL, you need to add the NOINDEX feature above or remove the page itself from your website, in addition to performing the temporary removal option.

If you are not yet using the Google Search Console (GSC), you should activate your website for the free statistics and control. How to connect to GSC.

Removing a URL from the index with the Google Search Console

  • Log into the Google Search Console and select the desired website. In our example we selected
  • Click on “Temporary Removals” tab at the top of the main box
  • Click on “NEW REQUEST” in the main box. (A red button)
Google Search Console image
  • You will now be asked to type in the URL of the page that you want to be removed and confirm your choice by clicking on “next.” If you wish to remove a set of pages, you can enter a prefix.
Google search console

Done. Now you have to wait some time until the desired URL is removed from Google’s index.

Removing a URL from the Bing index

The search engine Bing also provides their own webmaster tools, which you can use to have URLs removed from their index.

Google Search Console
Bing webmaster tools option of blocking a URL from being indexed (

Steve Paine