Link History

Thanks to this feature you can easily access the link history of a domain, to see whether the number of links, hosts, domains, IPs or networks has grown over time.

Link History Chart

This graph shows you the development of the number of links, found by our linkcrawler, over time.

You can use the tabs above the graph to switch to the host-, domain-, IP- and network-development views.

We will delete links from our database if they could not be verified by during consecutive crawls, which makes it possible for the total amount of links shown to also decrease over time.

Link History Table

Link History Table of in the SISTRIX Toolbox

Here we show you history of the individual number of backlinks, including dates and link statistics.

In the first column you’ll see the date when the domain was crawled and on the right the number of links, domains, hosts and IPs found.

The cogwheel icon will give you the possibility to add this table to a Dashboard or a Report, or to export it as a CSV file so that you can work on it in Excel or Google Sheets.