Referring TLDs

A top-level domain (TLD) is the last component of a domain name, such as “.com”. This section of the SISTRIX Toolbox shows you which TLDs link most often to your domain.

Referring TLDs for in SISTRIX

TLDs – Graph

This graph will show you which top-level-domains (TLDs) link most often to the evaluated domain (or the host, directory or URL when performing detailed-evaluations).

Tick the coloured squares to hide or see that specific TLD in the graph. Near the TLD you’ll also see the total number of linking domains that use it.

TLDs – List

Here we will show you which top level domains send the most links to the domain (or the host, directory or URL) you are evaluating.

Near the TLD the Toolbox shows the corresponding number of links, hosts, domains, IPs and networks. Click on each header to sort the table according to that specific KPI.

To deepen your analysis, you can click on the “+” symbol near the TLD and you’ll be redirected to the specific, filtered table.

Thanks to the cogwheel icon you’ll be able to export the table, or add it to a dashboard or a report.