The section called “Opportunities” will let you know what keywords could your URLs rank for on page 1 of the search results and uncover new keywords that your competitors rank for, along with gaps, that you may not have considered.

General Options and Filters

Options of the section Opportunities in the SISTRIX Toolbox

In the white bar, located between the Toolbox navigation menu and the filters, you’ll find general settings for the whole page. For example, you can select the columns in the table, use the “Expert Filter” to create complex filter combinations, export the data or share them on Social Media.

Filters for the table "Opportunities" in the SISTRIX Toolbox

At the top of the table you’ll find the filter options, that will let you sort and refine your results in order to see only the ones you need and spare some time.

The table always shows mobile data but you can click on the quick filter “Desktop Data” to view the desktop data.

The green button “Filter now” will open a menu on the right side of the screen, where you’ll be able to select numerous filter combinations that will help you extract the results you need.

Keywords opportunities list

Table of keyword opportunities for livescience.com in the SISTRIX Toolbox

The keyword opportunities table for the given domain contains all the keywords for which your domain does not rank on the first page of Google’s SERPs but that could reach it if well optimised. We order these with the highest chance opportunities at the top.

Here’s what the table looks like:

  • Opportunity: opportunity level of the keyword. The longer the blue bar is, the better chance the URL has to move to the Top-10 if optimised.
  • Keyword: keyword for which the domain is ranking.
  • Position: ranking position of the URL for that keyword.
  • URL: page of the website which is ranking in the SERPs.
  • Search Volume: average monthly organic traffic for the keyword.
  • Competition: competition level for the keyword
  • Trend: traffic trend for the keyword over 12 months.
  • CPC: estimated Cost per Click for that keyword.
  • Show Keyword History : opens the ranking history for the domain / keyword combination.
  • Show SERPs : open the Top-100 Google search results for that keyword.

You can sort the table by other criteria, simply by clicking on the column headings.

Unused Keywords

Feature Unused Keywords in the SISTRIX Toolbox

This feature uses all the ranking keywords of the competitor-domains, for which the source-domain does not have a position in the top-100 Google results.

In the window which appears you can select the query depth of the table (Top-100, Top-20 or Top-10) and enter the competitors you want to compare. If you type in more than one competitor-domain, we will only use keywords for which all of domains have a ranking.

Besides the keywords for which both domains are rankings, the Toolbox shows you the competition and the search volume level of that keyword. More importantly, the last column(s) will show you on which position the competitors are ranking for that keyword.

Opportunities table showing the rankings of the competitors

If you do not get any results when typing in two or three competitors, try just comparing one competitor-domain at a time.

Video demo with closed captions

Video overview of the Opportunities feature