ASIN: What is the ASIN number at Amazon?

Have you been wondering what the ASIN number is? The ASIN number is assigned to every unique product and helps Amazon and sellers to manage the extensive product catalogue and avoid duplicate items.

ASIN Example

What is an ASIN number?

The abbreviation ASIN stands for “Amazon Standard Identification Number“. It consists of ten letters and numbers. It is a unique product identifier, comparable to the EAN code or the ISBN, but without international standardisation. An example can be seen above, , from an Amazon product page.

Think of the ASIN as the fingerprint of the product. From the creation of an offer to the buyer’s product selection, order and delivery, it allows the item to be clearly identified throughout the entire process.

How do I get an ASIN number?

An item can only be listed on Amazon if it has been assigned a unique ASIN. A distinction needs to be made between two different cases.

Case 1: It is a product that is already being offered in identical form on Amazon.

If the item is already being offered by other retailers on Amazon, an ASIN already exists. In this case, you are obliged to use exactly this ASIN for your product. Violations can be punished by exclusion from the platform.

Are you wondering where to find the item number on Amazon? There are a number of ways to do this:

  1. URL: If you have discovered the identical product on Amazon, you can read the 10-digit ASIN from the URL of the product’s individual page:
  2. Product information: You can read the ASIN in the product information on the individual product page.
  3. Tools: Special tools and software solutions on the web allow you to search for the correct ASIN, for example based on the EAN.
  4. Amazon Seller Central: You can also find the ASIN via Seller Central. Select the “Inventory” drop-down menu and select the “Add a Product” tool. Here you will receive support in finding the ASIN.

Caution: You may only use the ASIN of another supplier if your product is absolutely identical. Even if there are only minor differences, this can be classified as unfair competition. You risk being excluded from Amazon and receiving an expensive warning.

Case 2: You offer a unique, new product.

If your product is not yet available on Amazon, you can apply for a new ASIN number. For this, you need the national or international product identification number of the item (GTIN, or Global Trade Item Number). You can usually read it under the barcode on the packaging:

Common product identitifaction codes.
Product codeCharactersUsage
ISBN (International Standard Book Number)13For books and some multimedia products
EAN (European Article Number)12 to 13A Europe-developed standard, used globally
UPC (Universal Product Code)12Mostly used in the USA
GTIN-14 (Global Trade Item Number)14An international standard that incorporates EAN, UPC, ISBN and other product identifications systems

ASIN and EAN are not – as is often assumed – identical. They serve similar purposes but are structured differently. To get a new ASIN, you create your item at Amazon and then submit the GTIN (for example EAN). If you have not yet exhausted your quota, Amazon will now assign a new ASIN number.

Significance of the ASIN: Unique identification for each product

The main purpose of the ASIN is to clearly mark, identify and group products in the article catalogue (e.g. product variants). At the same time, it helps Amazon and the sellers to protect brands against unauthorised use and counterfeiting. The brand owner specifies the ASIN numbers of the products to be protected in the Amazon brand registration. The ASIN is also helpful when dealing with Amazon’s support – it allows your request to be immediately assigned.


Determining or assigning the ASIN involves a certain amount of effort for the seller. However, it is worth it because you benefit from better protection of your brand and products as well as a transparent article catalogue.

Steve Paine