Google Medic Update – What can I do when I am affected?

This week has seen a large number of web sites affected by a far-reaching Google core algorithm update. In a short video below we show you how you can check your domains lost rankings, and the content that relates to that.

Google’s August algorithm update strengthens as roll-out continues.

We’ve already published our initial analysis on the recent Google update where we highlighted a number of ‘Your Money, Your Life’ examples. The update, focusing clearly on sensitive topics, is continuing to roll out. We’re seeing growing impact as it continues. (05.08) After further analysis we’ve got more information for you. 

Google with Core Algorithm Update

It’s that time again: Google is making changes to their core algorithm. It is the third time, this year, where changes have been officially confirmed. The changes to the SERPs seem (as of today) quite manageable.

Turmoil in the Google SERPs

Since 2008 we make the degree of how visible domains are on Google’s result lists transparent. Last month saw the largest distortions we have measured in many years. In this blog post we will measure the extend of the changes, show what is causing them and explain how you can […]

Google is Rolling Out a Big Core Algorithm Update

Changes to the core of Google’s algorithms are relatively rare: Google makes them only a few times a year. The last few days have been that time again and the Google results have been stirred around quite a bit.