Amazon Keyword Tool – Top-Products

The section called “Top Products” shows you the most successful products for the search term. The top products are divided into organic rankings, sponsored rankings and the combination of both. You can view the keywords with the highest search volume, the Top 100 keywords or all of the keywords.

Top product listing in the Amazon tool

Top products for organic and/or sponsored rankings

This table contains the top 25 products measured by the number of rankings for the selected keyword. You can view the Top-100 keywords, the keywords with a search volume higher than 200, or all keywords. Each product shows the following values:

  • Product name
  • Average review rating of the product at the date of the last crawl
  • ASIN of the product
  • Parent-ASIN of the product (if it’s a variant / sub-product)
  • Number of rankings for the product with the searched keyword
  • Ranking of the Visibility Index in the product Visibility Index ranking list
  • Visibility Index of the product