Products – Overview

After searching for a product, you’ll be redirected to its overview page. Here you can find the most important information regarding its most successful keyword rankings, sellers, prices and reviews. Add the product to a Watchlist to track its data regularly.

General Product Information

Here you’ll find a summary of all the most important information regarding the product you’re analysing:

  • Title of the product
  • Brand
  • ASIN
  • Price (Buybox) The price of the Buybox the last time that we crawled the product page
  • Available in: All the Marketplaces we monitor that also offer this product
  • Visibility Index: Provided that the product is listed in at least one keyword relevant to the Visibility Index
  • Buybox Seller: The seller in the Buybox the last time that we crawled the product page
  • Rating: The average rating measured on the product page during the last crawl
  • Bullet-Points: Number of bullet-points in the product overview page
  • Description: Number of paragraphs in the product description
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Offers: Number of offers of the product type “new” on the last check of the product page.
  • Updated: Last crawl of the product page.

The exclamation marks indicate optimisation problems.

If you want us to check on this product more often, please add it to your Watchlist where it will be prioritised.


Here you will find all known bestseller rankings for the selected product, including the date on which we last found this ranking.


The keywords for which the selected product has the best position in the organic rankings. The date indicates when we last found the offer.


A list of all sellers who have this product on offer. The date indicates when we last found this offer.


The table lists all products with a common Parent-ASIN with the selected product.


We consider reviews as recommendations if they increase the chance that the corresponding product will be bought after being read. To do this, we calculate a value that reflects the degree of recommendation in percent. The value lies between 0 (no recommendation) and 100 (strong recommendation) and is calculated from several factors, for example:

  • Number of users who rated this review as helpful
  • Number of pictures / videos in the product reviews (if present)
  • If the number of words is in the range recommended by Amazon
  • Structure of the text
  • If the reviewer is a TOP X reviewer
  • If the text is mostly free of errors