Products – Optimisation

If there’s an opportunity for an Amazon product page to be optimised, you’ll see some red exclamation marks near its general information. If it’s your product page, it’s a quick overview on how you can improve your product’s rankings. The optimisation tips are also shown as menu points on the left.

Issue: Description Format

The product description doesn’t contain any formatting. Customers usually find long blocks of text without formatting difficult to understand.

Issue: Description Too Short

The product description of this product is less than 1,000 characters long. This length is usually not enough to describe the product effectively.

Issue: Bad Reviews

This product has an average rating of less than 4.0 stars. Many users find a similar rating to be too low.

Issue: Not Enough Images

Less than 6 of the maximum 8 product images are used for this product. Product images are very important to improve the rankings and increase the conversion rate.

Issue: Missing High-Resolution Images

This product doesn’t have high-resolution images. These kind of images are necessary for the zoom feature on the product detail page.

Issue: Title All Lowercase

The title of this product contains all lower case letters. According to the Amazon style guide, correct upper and lower case letters are to be used.

Issue: Unverified Reviews

The rate of unverified reviews for these products is over 50 percent.

Issue: Missing Buybox

The product does not have a Buybox. This means that there is currently no seller offering this product, or that no seller’s offer qualifies for the Buybox.

Issue: Missing Bestsellers

The product is not listed in the bestseller lists for any category yet. This means that the product has had few sales so far.

Issue: Not Enough Reviews

This product has less than 10 customer reviews. It is generally recommended to have a minimum amount of authentic customer reviews.

Issue: Not Enough Bullet Points

Not all five available bullet points are used to describe this product. A full use of all bullet points is advisable for a better ranking.

Issue: Title Too Long

The title of this product is over 200 characters long. Amazon itself recommends keeping it under 150 characters.