Sellers – Overview

After you search for a seller in the Toolbox, you’ll land on its overview page where you can find all the most important information. Here you can see, for example, how visible the seller is in the Amazon search result pages and how its visibility has developed over time.

Seller Visibility Index

The seller Visibility Index (VI) is a measurement of the visibility of a seller in the Amazon search result pages. It is based on all the rankings of the seller for a representative keyword set specified by SISTRIX. The rankings are weighted according to the search volume and position of every keyword and then summed up into the VI. Buybox offers have more weight than normal offers.

We count only those offers found directly on the product page or, for products with high visibility, on the first offer-page. In total, one million visibility points are distributed among all Amazon sellers every day.

The organic Visibility Index is shown at the top of the box. It is based on organic Amazon search rankings. Slightly smaller, at the bottom of this box, is the sponsored Visibility Index. It is based on the paid results within the Amazon SERPs.

  • Updated daily
  • Change from previous week in percent

Customer reviews

  • Customer reviews: The total number of reviews given to the products of the seller’s current inventory.
  • ∅ Rating: The average rating of all reviews given to the products of the seller’s current inventory.
  • ∅ Customer reviews per day: The average number of daily reviews since the seller was first tracked for its products.


Here you can find the total number of brands which the seller has in its product range. The first row shows you the number of different brands that we found. The following rows indicate the two most successful brands and the number of products of this seller that they are offering.

The data are regularly updated and are based on the selected Amazon Country Index.


Here you can analyse the keywords used to find the products of this seller in the Amazon search. For every country index we regularly monitor many millions of queries/keywords.

  • Keywords: Total number of keywords found for all products.
  • Top-3 Keywords: Number of keywords with a Top-3 ranking.
  • Ø Position: Average ranking position of the seller for all the keywords found.

The data is regularly updated and is based on the selected Amazon country index.

Seller Overview

In this box you can find a summary of all the most important information for the product offers and rankings for this seller.

  • New products (12 months): Number of new products from this seller which have been added in the last 12 months, according to the date of the first listing on the product page.
  • Amount of parents/ variants: Number of products from this seller which are offered alone or are linked to other product variants.

For the seller rankings, we sort all the brands we measure on the corresponding Amazon Country platform, ordering them in descending order according to their brand Visibility Index. The number in this box is then the ranking position of this seller: The lower the number, the better the ranking in this leaderboard.

  • Seller Ranking (organic): Position in the leaderboards of all sellers for organic results in the Amazon search.
  • Seller Ranking (sponsored): Position in the leaderboards of all sellers for paid/sponsored results in the Amazon search.
  • Seller Ranking (combined): Position in the leaderboards of all sellers for organic and paid/sponsored results in the Amazon search.

Top Categories

This evaluation shows you the categories of this seller’s products. This helps you to quickly understand if a seller focuses on specific topics and categories, or whether it tries to offer a wide range of products from different categories.

This analysis is based on all products that we have found for this seller.

What is the seller Visibility Index?

Our experience from the world of Google optimisation has shown us that tracking individual keyword positions doesn’t give us an adequate and comprehensible historical landscape. As a result, we also invented a Visibility Index for our Amazon tool.

This index-value tracks the results for many different keywords in the Amazon search. Based on this data, we then weigh the search traffic for the individual keywords and calculate an index value. In total, the seller and brand Visibility Index (VI) includes one million points.

The more points a product receives, the more visible it is in the Amazon search results: both for many different keywords and for particularly high-traffic keywords.

Sellers who are currently in the Buybox of the product in question receive significantly more visibility points than the other sellers of the product. The seller Visibility Index is recalculated every day and the historic data is available from February 2016 for Germany and from the end of 2019 for the other Countries.

Top Products by Visibility Index

In this table you can see up to 20 products from this seller that have the highest visibility. These are the products that have the highest percentage of the seller’s Visibility Index.

Interesting Products

In this table you can see an excerpt of the seller’s most interesting products. Products that generate a lot of sales as well as good and multiple reviews are highlighted here.