Google Permits Longer Snippet Texts

For years, Google used to limit the length of snippet texts, are short text previews of the search results, to two rows. Over the last couple of days, Google eased up on this rule and will now also show longer snippets in the search results.

SISTRIX Always at the Forefront – New Functions for Professionals

We have been extremely active over the summer and came up with a host of new features, which I am sure you will like and may have even been waiting for. In line with our philosophy to always improve our core services, you can access our new functions at no […]

Surveying the Featured Snippets

Looking at our list of domains with the most featured snippets we see the Wikipedia as the clear winner. What makes this list so interesting are those domains that make the cut even though they are not within the list of most Visible domains on Let’s take a closer […]

Happy Birthday!

15 years ago, today, the domain saw the light of day and we want to celebrate with you! To mark this occasion we have a total of three presents for you:

This is the URLs with the largest number of ranking keywords on

Thank you very much to all who have participated and to all who shared the contest! Congratulations to Martin Bongartz! I will get in touch with you about how to send you the prize ? We are really happy about how many people participated and the traffic that the URL for […]

How widespread are AMP results in the UK?

The mobile/desktop scale is tipping towards mobile for more and more Google search markets. And the number of users who do their shopping on their mobile devices are also steadily increasing. No wonder that Google is irked by the fact that they do not have such a nicely controlled ecosystem […]

Case Study: Has been hit by one of Google’s manual actions?

This week, the domain shows a 22% loss in their Visibility Index for Google US, this means that went from a Visibility index score of 266.07 last week, down to 208.8, right now. This may not sound like much, at first, but 22% for a such huge domain actually comes […]

A Success Story For SEOs & Entrepreneurs

The SEO Congress “Congreso SEO Profesional” is held every July in Madrid and specialises on presentations where website operators put their cards on the table, for all to see. Last year, for example, we had the opportunity to check out the exact data for the costs, auctions and traffic for TV-adds […]

Case Study: has been hit by a Google manual action

The Visibility history for shows a large loss on Google US (-40%), UK (-33%), Germany (-42%), Italy (-61%), France (-53%), the Netherlands (-31%), Brasil (-43%), their home-market Spain (-45%) and many more search markets. For our analysis, we will therefore simply stay on the US market, as the cause […]

Case Study: Monster’s monster growth on Google

About two months ago, Monster changed quite a bit of their internal website structure for both their USA and UK sites. Although the website architecture for both domains is very similar – both before and after the change – the positive effect is much more visible in the UK. […]