TrendWatch May 2023

Get ready for an exciting edition of TrendWatch! In this issue, we explore 10 captivating long-term trends, handpicked from a vast array of data by SISTRIX. From fashion and nature to technology and lifestyle, these trends offer unique insights into our evolving world.

Broken Planet

Trend graph for “Broken Planet” (UK)

Broken Planet has become a hugely popular brand thanks to its unique and innovative approach to fashion. The brand’s recent pop-up event, in conjunction with Bayy Agency, was a huge success, drawing in crowds of fashion enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the latest Broken Planet designs. The brand’s focus on sustainability and ethical production has also helped to boost its popularity, as consumers become increasingly concerned with the impact of fast fashion on the environment. Broken Planet’s commitment to using recycled materials and reducing waste has resonated with many, making it a go-to choice for those looking for stylish yet sustainable clothing options. Overall, Broken Planet’s rise to fame can be attributed to its ability to offer something different and meaningful in the world of fashion.

Phantom Pregnancies in Dogs

Trend graph for “Phantom Pregnancies in Dogs” (UK)

Attention, dog lovers! Did you know that female dogs can experience a bizarre phenomenon called phantom pregnancy? During a phantom pregnancy, dogs display behavioural and physical changes that mimic real pregnancy symptoms, even though they’re not expecting any little ones. 

It’s believed that about half of all female dogs will have a phantom pregnancy in their lifetime unless they are spayed. In some breeds, such as Afghans, Beagles and Dachshunds, the likelihood is as high as 75%. Currently in the UK Dachshunds are a very popular dog breed. 

This trend towards pure-breed dogs also means that they’re less likely to be spayed because the owners may want to breed their dog. Female dogs that have not been spayed are more likely to experience hormonal fluctuations and reproductive-related conditions, including phantom pregnancies. 

Stress and sudden changes can also contribute to dogs playing pretend. Just like humans, dogs feel the pressure too. Alterations in routine, a stressful environment, or specific triggers can push a dog into the realm of phantom pregnancies. This is a wild unproven theory that no one has speculated anywhere online, not even on reddit, but could this be how they’re reacting to the end of the pandemic?

Another theory, that is less speculative, in the wild, dogs live in packs and all females help nurture litters of puppies born to the “alpha” pair. It’s believed that false pregnancies prompt a dog’s mothering instincts to kick in, so that she will help care for all puppies in her pack, regardless of the fact that they’re not her own.

Mini Crossword

Trend graph for “Mini Crossword” (US & UK)

Crossword puzzles serve as a mental workout, stimulating the brain, enhancing cognitive skills, and providing a sense of accomplishment.

Since its introduction by The New York Times in late 2014, the mini crossword puzzle has captured the hearts and minds of puzzle enthusiasts around the world. Originally conceived as a means to engage younger readers on Snapchat, the mini crossword’s popularity soared beyond expectations. Its convenient size and challenging yet accessible nature make it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a quick mental workout during their coffee break or daily commute. 

The Sun and Independent both offer daily or weekly mini crossword puzzles and the Telegraph has recently launched a dedicated puzzle app. The interactive and accessible nature of the mini crossword, combined with its addictive qualities, contributed to its widespread appeal among puzzle enthusiasts and casual solvers alike.