TrendWatch September 2023

Get ready for another edition of our monthly TrendWatch! Here we explore 10 exciting trends covering topics ranging from self-care to traveling and even baby pigeons.


Trend graph for “chocomel” (UK)

Chocomel’s “Sharing Not Required” ad campaign was a huge success! The multimedia campaign, spanning across TV, VOD, digital, and social channels, has struck a resonant chord with audiences. By celebrating the joys of solitary indulgence with their delicious beverage, Chocomel has tapped into the zeitgeist of self-care and personal enjoyment. The clever blend of humor and relatability in their advertisements has ignited a social media wildfire, spurring countless discussions, memes, and shares. As consumers are increasingly valuing moments of solitude and self-pampering, Chocomel’s campaign aligns seamlessly with this cultural shift. The “Sharing Not Required” campaign serves as a noteworthy example of how brands can leverage contemporary consumer values to drive engagement and online activity.

Zesty Meaning

Trend graph for “zesty meaning” (US)

We can thank TikTok for this trend, while the word “zesty” has traditionally been associated with a tangy or flavorful taste, it has taken on a new and playful meaning in the world of social media, particularly TikTok. Users on the platform have been using the term to describe situations, experiences, or content that are characterized by a heightened sense of enthusiasm, energy, or even a playful sensuality. The TikTok trend has led to a curiosity about the evolving meaning of “zesty” and its usage in various contexts. This could describe everything from a energetic dance routine to a flirtatious or spicy interaction between individuals. With such a broad range it’s no wonder people are looking it up!

Ice Bath

Trend graph for “ice bath” (UK)

Back in January, we had Wim Hof trending which is a method that combines specific breathing exercises, cold exposure (such as ice baths or cold showers), and meditation techniques. He claims that practising the WHM can improve physical and mental well-being, boost the immune system, increase energy levels, and reduce stress. 

So it’s no surprise that ice baths would also be trending, however, social media has taken over and instead of the Wim Hof method, it’s every influencer for themselves! Kim Kardashian posted her foray on Instagram. Harry Styles has tweeted about his dips. Kristen Bell says her plunges are “brutal” but mentally uplifting. And Lizzo claims ice plunges reduce inflammation and make her body feel better.

Full-body immersion triggers the mammalian diving reflex, improving circulation. The cold exposure releases endorphins that relieve soreness while potentially inhibiting neuron transmission and numbing muscle spasms. For athletes, these effects aid recovery after intense training. For the general fitness community, the anti-inflammatory benefits also appeal. While research continues, the scientifically-backed benefits driven by blood flow changes, endorphin release, and reduced inflammation clarify why ice baths are surging as an online-propelled health and wellness fad. Yet as with any trend, caution is still advised when plunging into the icy unknown.