Use the Domain Overview to get a quick summary of how a domain is performing

The domain overview page gives you a quick summary of all the most important SEO KPIs for a specific domain. The data available covers desktop, mobile, daily and weekly SEO KPIs that you’re able to export or share anytime you want. Use them to deepen your analysis on a directory, subdomain or URL level, or to discover the weak point of your competitors.

How to get to the Domain Overview Page

After opening the SISTRIX Toolbox you’ll find yourself on the Toolbox start page.

SISTRIX Toolbox: type the domain in the search bar to reach the overview page

Type the domain you want to analyse into the search bar and click on “Search” to reach the overview page for that domain.

Every element on this page focuses on a particular section of the domain and can easily be reached with just one click.

Domain overview page of in the SISTRIX Toolbox

Useful general functions

Before getting into the different elements contained in this section, let’s focus on some general but really useful functions that will make your workflow both easier and quicker.

The Search Bar

The Search Bar is the starting point for your analysis: aside from a domain you can also type-in a directory, a subdomain or a URL to show just that segment of the domain. You can find a full breakdown of what you can type into the search bar in our FAQ article Which requests can I start via the search bar?


You can change the country index by clicking on the flag icon on the left of the search bar 1 , or add this specific search to your favorites by selecting the on the right 2.

All your favorites will be saved on the start page of your Toolbox profile, so that you can quickly access them again in the future.

Export and Shortlink


At the top right corner of the Toolbox interface you’ll see two icons 3.

The first one, “Export“, will allow you to export the page as a PDF document, while the second icon, “Shortlink will create a shortlink that you can share on Facebook and Twitter. This features will come in handy if you want to quickly update your team or a customer about the data.

Shortlink in the Toolbox

Each Shortlink will cost you 10 credits and stay active for 7 days. To know more about the credit system in the Toolbox you can read the article “Exports and Credits in the SISTRIX Toolbox“.

Help in the Toolbox

If you have questions about the data within the SISTRIX Toolbox, you have two different possibilities to get help.

Every box in the Toolbox contains a at the top right hand corner: by clicking on it, you’ll see an explanation of the data within the box and advice on how to interpret it 4.

If you want to contact our support directly, you can click on the blue at the bottom right corner of every screen, at 5.

Image of the support button interface within the Toolbox. In the first tab, support, you can choose how to contact the SISTRIX Support. By ticket, phone, email or live-chat.

By clicking on the Support tab, you will find all the different ways of reaching us.

Specific functions of the boxes

Every box in the SISTRIX Toolbox also contains the icon, in the top right hand corner. This opens al the options available for that specific element. For nearly every box, this will include a way to add the box to a Dashboard or Report.

SISTRIX Toolbox: more options for a box

Navigation menu

When you are looking at the data for a domain (or Host etc.) you will see the module specific navigation to the left of the data 6. With it, you can get to the different sections and evaluations of the SISTRIX Toolbox for the domain you are evaluating.

If you are interested in generic, non-domain-specific, information for a module, you can click on the module name in the top navigation menu 7. This part of the navigation will not change.

Data Boxes on the Overview Page

Now that we’ve talked through the general functions, let’s dive into the specific elements of the domain overview page.

All of these boxes, with the exception for the “Domain Overview” box, are also available when you are evaluating a subdomain, directory or URL.

Value of the Visibility Index

Value of the SISTRIX Visibility Index for

The first box at the top left shows you the daily Visibility Index value for both Desktop (top) and Smartphone (bottom), with the difference to yesterday’s value in percent.

The Visibility Index can help you quickly gauge the overall health and performance of your online visibility. This also helps in seeing if something is going wrong.

Number of keywords

This box focuses on three different indicators:

  • Organic: quantity of keywords that are ranking in the Top-100 organic results
  • Ads: number of keywords found with advertisements from the domain on the 1st page of the search results
  • Others: number of keywords where the domain showed up within a universal search integration within the search results

Please note that this box shows only the amount of unique keywords, not the total number of times the domain is ranking for those keywords. The arrow indicates whether the number has increased or decreased, compared to the previous week. When you click on each result you are taken to the individual results table, where you can see all the keywords for the domain.


SISTRIX Toolbox: number of links of

In this box you’ll find:

  • Links: number of currently existing external links (or backlinks) found for the domain
  • Domains: number of unique domains, linking to the evaluated domain
  • Networks: number of unique class-c-networks, linking to the evaluated domain

For our link data we have our own SISTRIX crawler which searches through the web and evaluates more than 250 billion links per month, updating the data daily. If you have the Link Module, you can click on the data to see the list of links for the analysed domain.

A quick glance at this box will let you quickly see if a domain has an unnatural link profile.

Social Signals

SISTRIX Toolbox: number of Social Signals for

This box shows you the number of social signals for the evaluated domain from the platforms Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. A click on the number and you will be able to further analyse the most popular pages for every platform, assuming you have access to the Social Module.

Domain Overview

SISTRIX Toolbox: Domain Overview for

Here you will see a number of additional performance indicators for the evaluated domain:

  • Top Countries: Countries where the domain has the largest visibility on Google
  • Hostnames: The number of difference hostnames for which we have found at least one ranking in our extended database
  • Domain Age: Date when the domain was registered
  • Top-10 Rankings: Number of keywords for the evaluated domain ranking in the Top-10 positions (first page) of the SERPs
  • Number of URLs: Total number of URLs ranking for the domain

If the number of indexed pages is unavailable, just click on “Collect data” right next to the entry, which will add the domain to your Watchlist and we will crawl them regularly from that moment on.

Finally, the entry “Compare with competitors” will let you compare the SEO KPIs of the evaluated domain with those of up to 3 other websites. This is one of the steps for a successful competitor analysis, that we talk about in detail in this tutorial: “Analysing the Opposition: Who are my competitors?“.

Top Paths, Hosts and URLs

SISTRIX Toolbox: top paths of

This pie chart shows you the most successful directories, hosts and URLs according to the number of organic ranking keywords. If you click on a path, host or URL, the Toolbox will bring you to its specific overview page, while the icon will open the corresponding URL in a new tab. Finally, the on the left of the URL indicates that the page is using HTTPS.

Thanks to this feature you’ll quickly get an overview of which pages of the website are working better on Google: open and analyse them in the Toolbox to figure out why and use them as best practice example for your own pages in need of improvement.

Visibility Index – Graph

This is the core of the Domain Overview Page: the graph shows you the development for the domains SISTRIX Visibility Index over time and is updated weekly. You can zoom into a specific date-range by holding the mouse button down and selecting the range you would like to focus on, or click on “Fullscreen” to let the graph fit your entire screen.

You can also see the ranking keywords for a specific date by clicking on the corrisponding data point with the right mouse button of the mouse and selecting “Show keywords for (domain)”: the Toolbox will automatically take you to the corresponding table.

The blue pin on the graph indicates a Google Update that could have impacted the visibility of the domain. The Toolbox will show them automatically if it registers a noticeable change in the domain rankings for a specific date, where Google has acknowledged an algorithm update. Please read the article “Document Developments with Event-Pins” to gain more insights about this topic.

Note that the icon will give you more options to make the Visibility Index useful in your analyses: you’ll find more information about them in our article What is the SISTRIX Visibility Index.

Keyword Count instead of Visibility Index in the SISTRIX Toolbox

The Toolbox will automatically show the Keyword Count instead of the Visibility Index if the visibility of the analysed domain is very low. To see the Visibility Index click on the entry “Show Visibility Index instead” in the yellow notice just above the graph.

Interesting Rankings

This table gives you an overview of rankings which are especially interesting for a domain because they rank well and have a high search volume:

  1. Keyword: keyword for which the domain is ranking
  2. Ranking: current ranking position of the domain for that keyword and eventually its increase or decrease
  3. URL: URL of the domain which is ranking for the keyword
  4. Search Volume: estimated traffic for the keyword
  5. Competition: value of competition for the keyword
  6. Keyword History : shows the keyword history for the analysed domain
  7. SERPs : shows the SERPs for the keyword

If you want to sort the table according to a specific value, you can click on the corresponding column header. To see all the ranking keywords for the domain and begin your Keyword Research, select the entry “Show all keywords with a Top-100 ranking” at the bottom of the table.


The Domain Overview Page is fundamental part of gaining an overview of the most important SEO indicators for a domain, subdomain, directory or URL.

Thanks to this page you can keep an eye on your domain and immediately check possible SEO problems, as well as analyse your competitors: for which content are they ranking? How is their visibility on Google? Which are their weak points?