IndexWatch regularly reports on rising and falling, winning and losing domains in Google search visibility, from Google UK and US.

We show you lists of winners and losers, and analysis of selected domains within those lists.

These are useful examples of performance domains, and domains that have won, or failed in their SEO for some reason, including being hit by core updates!

IndexWatch Q1 2024: UK SEO Visibility Winners & Losers

Q1 2024 has proven to be a dynamic period in the world of SEO. Over the past 3 months, Google launched two significant updates – the March Core Update and the March Spam Update – which have triggered substantial upheavals in the SERP landscape. The beneficiaries and the casualties give […]

IndexWatch US 2023 – Losers

Where there are SEO winners, there must also be losers, and in 2023, it felt like there were a lot of them. Between various Core Updates, Reviews Updates, Spam Updates and the notorious September Helpful Content Update, 2023 produced a significant batch of sites that lost upwards of 50% of […]

IndexWatch Sweden: The Winning Domains of 2023

2023 was an eventful year for the SEO industry and the Swedish market. In this report you’ll find the SISTRIX annual winners list and analysis of some of the most interesting sectors trending upwards.

IndexWatch 2023 US – Winners

2023 was an unforgettable year in the SEO industry. In this report you’ll find the SISTRIX annual winners list and analysis of some of the more interesting gains. AI tools have also been used to categorise domains to expose sector-specific data.

IndexWatch 2023: SEO Visibility Losers UK 🇬🇧

It’s January, which means it is now time for our regular IndexWatch lists and analysis of the domains that lost visibility in 2023. Through our Visibility Index, we have identified 200 websites that have seen visibility declines on UK Google. Below you’ll find a deep analysis of six of those […]

IndexWatch 2023: SEO Visibility Winners UK 🇬🇧

Let’s learn from 2023. In the SISTRIX IndexWatch we look at Google SERP and keyword data and uncover the standout domains that have achieved exceptional visibility gains in the past year. This analysis will provide you with great blueprints for your SEO work in 2024.

UK IndexWatch Q3 2023: Search Visibility Wins & Losses

In the continually evolving realm of organic search, the last quarter has emerged as a wild one – many of us have been grappling with the implications of both the Helpful Content & August Core Updates. In this Google visibility report you’ll learn about some of the wildest movements – […]

Indexwatch: SEO Visibility Losers Jan-July 2023 🇺🇸

The first half of 2023 has been one of the busiest and most eventful periods the SEO industry has seen for a long time, and this time, it’s not just because of ongoing Google updates like we’ve seen in recent years. 

Indexwatch US: SEO Visibility Winners Jan-July 2023 🇺🇸

The first half of 2023 has been one of the busiest and most eventful periods the SEO industry has seen for a long time, and this time, it’s not just because of ongoing Google updates like we’ve seen in recent years.

UK IndexWatch Q2 2023: Search Winners & Losers 🇬🇧

The SEO industry has experienced an eventful second quarter of 2023. We have been actively preparing for the sunsetting of Universal Analytics, while also exploring the potential of Search Generative Experience (SGE) alongside our colleagues in the USA (thank goodness for VPNs!).

IndexWatch SE – A Lens on the Swedish SERPS 🇸🇪

In this new study, we present domain visibility trends from Google Search Sweden based on six years of historical data. The domains are categorised based on industry sectors, categories, and business models. 

IndexWatch Q1 2023: Winners & Losers in Google UK Search 🇬🇧

Google blessed us with 2 updates in the last three months that have caused big movements in SERPs. They add an interesting dynamic to the usual shifting of SERPs and we analyse another three months of movements. We’ve selected and analysed 12 domains that have seen both positive and negative […]

IndexWatch 2022 – UK Retail in Google Search 🇬🇧

We have taken a closer look at the UK retail sector as part of our IndexWatch project. In this post you’ll see the Top 20 winning and losing domains of the last 12 months, and analyses of important changes. There’s a lot to learn from.

IndexWatch 2022: The Losing Domains in Google US

2022 was a volatile year in Google’s organic search results, with Google launching many new SERP features as well as introducing and updating several significant ranking systems, such as the Product Reviews updates and the Helpful Content Update. This article analyses the losing domains of the year, with sector breakdown […]

IndexWatch 2022: SEO Visibility Losers on Google UK 🇬🇧

We’ve reflected on the winners of the year, but what about those domains that struggled in 2022? Using our Visibility Index archives, we have uncovered 200 sites that have seen significant declines in visibility on UK Google. Read on for lists and expert analysis.

IndexWatch 2022: Google US SEO Visibility Winners 🇺🇲

2022 was yet another volatile year in Google’s search results, with the announcement of the new Helpful Content system, updates to other ranking systems, major algorithm updates rolling out concurrently, and significant volatility caused by external factors, such as the global economy. This issue of IndexWatch analyses the winning domains […]

IndexWatch 2022: Google UK SEO Visibility Winners 🇬🇧

As we wave goodbye to 2022, we also bid farewell to another year of organic search developments. Although we experienced one less core update than in 2021, the Google algorithm updates were more diverse – in 2022, we saw the Helpful Content Update. There were also many product review updates, […]

IndexWatch Q3 2022: UK Visibility Winners & Losers 🇬🇧

It’s been quite the rollercoaster for SEOs during the last quarter. Every single month we’ve experienced at least one algorithm update. Who knew Google would roll out so many updates in such quick succession?! In this IndexWatch, we list 1,000 winners and losers, and analyse some of the domains that […]

IndexWatch Q2 2022: UK Search Visibility Winners 🇬🇧

Following a quiet first quarter in the organic search world, Google’s May 2022 Core Update certainly provided some much-anticipated spice to the SERP. Some websites saw their visibility reach all-time highs whilst others experienced spectacular losses. This round-up looks at ranking uplifts and downturns across the Google UK search landscape […]

IndexWatch Q1 2022: UK Winners & Losers 🇬🇧

From an algorithmic perspective, the first three months of 2022 were quiet for SEO, giving us a rare chance to look at winning and losing domains without a Core Update rocking the boat. There have been big movements among the domains, both in gains and losses, that are worth looking […]

IndexWatch 2021: The SEO Losers In Google’s US Search Results. 🇺🇸

2021 was a difficult year to compete for organic search visibility. Not only did Google launch a variety of major algorithm updates throughout the year, but the SEO landscape also became significantly more competitive. The second year of the coronavirus pandemic and continued lockdowns resulted in many brands shifting their […]

IndexWatch 2021: The SEO Winners In Google’s US Search Results

2021 was a volatile year for Google’s organic search results, with frequent algorithm updates – both confirmed and unconfirmed – ranging from several broad core updates, to Product Review updates, to the long-awaited Page Experience update. 

IndexWatch 2021: The SEO Losers In Google’s UK Search Results

Whilst Google’s 2021 algorithm updates have resulted in spectacular SEO wins, we mustn’t forget about those domains that have not been so fortunate and have seen a decrease in organic visibility over the year, whether unintentionally or knowingly due to an SEO faux pas.

IndexWatch 2021: The SEO Winners In Google’s UK Search Results

2021 was another year of changes, twists and turns, and the organic search world was no exception to this. Google rolled out several algorithm updates in their ongoing mission to improve search quality, relevance, and experience, including a questionably timed pre-Black Friday update. The pandemic continued to impact user search […]

IndexWatch 2020 – SEO Losers in Google US

When monitoring SEO visibility, it is important to contextualize lists of winners by analyzing what happened to the losing domains as well. Throughout 2020, there were a variety of factors that caused visibility declines, but not all of them were the result of a poorly executed SEO strategy or any […]

IndexWatch 2020: The Year’s SEO losers in UK search

An analysis of the years SEO losers in UK search. 500 domains listed. Includes analysis of significant SEO losers in 2020.

IndexWatch 2020 – SEO Winners in Google US

2020 proved to be an interesting and unusual year. Aside from the standard visibility changes we’ve come to expect from Google due to its ongoing algorithm updates and an always-improving understanding of user intent, the coronavirus pandemic also created drastic shifts in user behavior and market forces.

IndexWatch 2020: The Year’s SEO Winners in UK Search

The year was full of changes and surprises, and this can also be seen in the Google search results. In this post we show you the domains that have gained the most visibility on Google in the last year.

IndexWatch: The UK’s Top 100 SEO Losers of 2019

In a previous article, we shared the top 100 winning domains of 2019, but where there are winners, there have to be losers. Once again there are massive changes in the UK search rankings. Which domains lost search visibility during 2019 and, is there anything we can learn for 2020?

IndexWatch: The UK SEO Winners of 2019

The Top 100 winning domains for 2019 show a wide range of established brands gaining search visibility through SEO actions. The majority of winning domains are based around general information rather than products but there are some stand-out examples to take note of.

Indexwatch: The UK’s Top 100 SEO Losers of 2018

In a previous article we shared the top 100 winning domains of 2018. But which domains lost during 2018?

IndexWatch: The UK SEO Winners of 2018

The time for SEO tricks and shortcuts has come to an end. Our Top 100 search visibility winners list shows that it takes time and expertise to gain Google’s trust. Of course, there are always a few outliers and interesting results so let’s take a close look at some of […]

If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it: IndexWatch 2017 – the Losers in Google UK

Two weeks ago, we looked at the Winners on Google UK. Today we will look at those domains with the highest loss in visibility on Google UK. After reading this blog post, I hope you will have gotten some takeaways that you can use right away, for your projects. We […]

IndexWatch: SEO Winners 2017 in Google UK

In order to help you be more successful in SEO and sidestep all those things that do not work, I want to show you which domains are doing a good SEO job and why their SEO strategy is working so well. I will explain the top-5 cases only, but you […]

IndexWatch: Losers 2016 in

With our Google Ranking Factors 2017 videos under out belt, it is now time for our yearly IndexWatch for the United Kingdom. For our IndexWatch 2016, we had a look at all Visibility increases from January 4th, 2016, until January 2nd, 2017. We considered all domains with at least 5 […]

IndexWatch: Winners 2016 in

Our yearly IndexWatch for the United Kingdom is ready. For our IndexWatch 2016, we had a look at all visibility increases from January 4th, 2016, until January 2nd, 2017. We considered all domains who had at least 5 points in the Visibility Index at the start of 2016. The increases […]

IndexWatch 2015 – The Losers 2015 in UK: 100 domains with the highest loss in Google visibility

Two weeks ago we showed you the domains which managed to gain the most Visibility during 2015 on As promised, today we will look at those who were not so fortunate between January 5, 2015 and January 4, 2016 on For this list, we once again looked at […]

IndexWatch 2015 – The Winners 2015 in UK: 100 domains with the highest increase in Google visibility

Our yearly IndexWatch 2015 for the United Kingdom is ready. For this list we use our SISTRIX Visibility Index score, which shows how visible a domain is in the Google search result pages for the specific country-index. The Visibility Index is therefore well suited to easily compare domains with each […]

IndexWatch 2012: Losers

Yesterday, we looked at the winners in last year’s Google-index, while today, I want to show you the losers for the same period of time. Just as with the winners, I put together a list of 50 Domains that saw a very strong percentage decrease in their Google SERP visibility. […]

IndexWatch 05/2009

Another month has passed and here are the current IndexWatch-numbers. Just as a short reminder: these charts are based on our Visibility Index and show the winners and losers of the (organic) Google-index. As usual, we start with the winners:winners # Domain Change   1 +1.000%   2 […]

IndexWatch 06/2008

The month is over already, time to take a look at last month’s Googleindex winners and losers: Winners The month is over already, time to take a look at last month’s Googleindex winners and losers:Winners # Domain Change 1 +18.196,70% 2 +3.039,05% 3 +1.964,82% 4 +1.862,87% […]

IndexWatch 04/2008

A few month ago I blogged a chart containing the domains that our data showed were the most visible in the German Googleindex. In the comments to that entry and in e-mails that I received afterwards I was asked to repeat this in regular intervals. Feeding on the fact that […]