SEO Strategy: A Step-By-Step Guide to Successful SEO

Successful SEO consists of many interdependent components. This SISTRIX guide shows you the most important SEO components and explains the first steps.

An SEO strategy is incredibly important. The reason: SEO is always long-term oriented. The implementation of measures takes a long time, as does the subsequent evaluation by Google. In addition, the respective measures entail costs and possibly IT or content resources, that are limited within the company.

Thus, it can be beneficial to carry out certain analysis steps and come up with a well-founded SEO strategy based on them. In this way, resources are used optimally, and you have “guard rails” for your team and external workforces (agencies, freelancers): Who does what in which period of time? And most importantly: why?

Therefore, a strategy is important to avoid simply relying on ineffective tactics or implementing selective measures, which then do not contribute towards a clearly defined goal. But how do you actually proceed step by step? That is what this nine-part guide is about – including topics such as keyword research, internationalisation, internal linking and link building.

By the way: the word strategy sometimes instils fear. A strategy – that must be something big and powerful! Especially with smaller websites, however, it turns out that this does not necessarily have to be the case. An SEO strategy could definitely fit on a sheet of A4 paper – especially for small B2B companies, stores or local service providers.

However: it is important that you deal specifically with your website and your competitors in order to set the right course in terms of structure, content, technology and off-page signals.

The SEO Strategy Guide

This set of learning documents will help improve your SEO results and the way you use SISTRIX.

SEO Strategy Made Easy

Introduction to the SISTRIX step-by-step guide

This guide was created in cooperation with Markus Hövener from Bloofusion.

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