Keyword Discovery

The Keyword Discovery tool is essential for your keyword research as it can help you find relevant keywords and topics to be optimised. The results can be exported or added to a list to be further refined.

You can find the Keyword Discovery tool in the SEO-Module. You can find it by clicking on “SEO” in the SISTRIX Toolbox blue header.

A full tutorial of this feature is available here.

Getting started

Select the Country data-set using the flag icon and write the seed keywords inside the search bar. After typing your first keyword, the tool will give you some suggestions and ideas for related terms.

If you click on “Search Settings” you’ll get more options to narrow your search:

  • Contains: at least one of the word parts of the keyword must appear. If we put “gardening ideas” as seed keyword, the tool will show us “dinner ideas”, “gardening tools” or “garden ideas”.
  • Word group: all words in the term must be present, but the order does not matter. This is the default setting. (In our previous example, terms like “gardening ideas for kids” or “ideas for landscape gardening” will be present.)
  • Exact match: all word components must appear in the order of entry. In our case “winter gardening ideas” or “gardening ideas pinterest”

If you select the option “Find word components” the tool will show you results which also include keywords that begin with the seed keywords entered. In our example they could be “gardenia” or “gardener”.

Tool Interface

After typing your keywords, the tool will bring you to another interface containing all the keyword combinations.

On the top right corner of the screen you can export or share the page. There you’ll find also the settings, which allow you to change the seed keywords, the country or the type of search. If necessary, you can also delete the project clicking on the red button.

Keyword Groups

In this section you’ll find closely matching keyword groups based on either the number of search terms within the group or by search volume. Select any keyword group to analyse and use the keywords in a list.

These keyword groups are initially sorted by the number of keywords they contain. With a click on the button Search Volume you change the sorting to the sum of the search volumes in the group.

For example, by choosing a ‘how’ or ‘which’ you’ll see search terms that is related to a user question.

Keyword Discovery Table

This is the list of search terms that are relevant to your initial keyword. If you have selected a group from the Keyword Groups the list will only show each terms from that group.

The list includes details such as real search volume (monthly average) trend, competition level, CPC and the important SERPs features which can help you select keywords for a list based on a target SERP feature or specific user intent.

In the top right of the table you’ll see the total number of keywords and the total search volume for the keyword set.

Right above the table there are some filters that will help you sort and refine your results.

If you tick some keywords and then click on the menu “Select action” right above the first column, you can choose to export all the selected keywords into a list. Alternatively you can also select all keywords of a group and transfer them all into a list. The Toolbox will let you choose which list to use, or allow you to create a new one.

To know more about lists read the following tutorial: Toolbox List Features, Ideas and Examples.