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BBC’s UK website Rises Sharply in Mid-May Google Search Movements
On the 5th May 2024 Google started a process of evaluating content piggybacking on domains in accordance with the site reputation abuse policy. It was interpreted as a ‘parasite content’ penalty targeted at coupons, gambling, games, dating and other 3rd-party content hosted on subdomains or subdirectories. After an initial hit […]
Steve Paine
The Top Domains and Content for Paddle Boards
SectorWatch is heading onto the water this month as we jump into the UK search market for paddle boards. We’re looking for the winning domains and examples of high-performing content to see who is making a splash in the choppy waters of Google Search.
Charlie Williams
Google displays AI-content within search results for the first time
Following Microsoft’s ChatGPT push, publicly putting Google under pressure, many announcements have been made regarding closed tests and presentations concerning a future integration. What hasn’t existed before is AI-content within search results shown to all Google users. This has changed in the last few days. Since Tuesday we have seen […]
Johannes Beus
IndexWatch Q1 2024: UK SEO Visibility Winners & Losers
Q1 2024 has proven to be a dynamic period in the world of SEO. Over the past 3 months, Google launched two significant updates – the March Core Update and the March Spam Update – which have triggered substantial upheavals in the SERP landscape. The beneficiaries and the casualties give […]
Luce Rawlings
Google Core and Spam Update March 2024
After a long period without any major updates, we are now seeing double: Announced on the 5th March 2024, Google rolled out both a core update and a spam update. More about the updates in this blog post.
Johannes Beus
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